Manchester alternative R&B singer-songwriter Akemi Fox dropped her summery new single ‘See You Soon’ last week (31st March). The track is written by Fox, produced by Swindle and is taken from her upcoming EP in partnership with independent label NQ Records. Take a listen to the sweet vocal harmonies of Akemi Fox, catchy rhythm, acoustic guitar arrangement and yearning lyrics of ‘See You Soon’ here.

Akemi Fox released her debut EP ‘Colour You In’ in 2020. She created the project over lockdown and it has since gained over a million streams. Lyrically the project sees Fox exploring ideas of and experiences with love. Check out the five tracks below.

The twenty-three-year-old dropped ‘Carry On’ at the end of last year. The track features Fox’s enticing vocals as well as blended synths. Check out the official music video here.

The Chorlton native has cited her influences as Texan songwriter Erykah Badu, Californian rapper Frank Ocean, Barbadian superstar Rihanna and Texan powerhouse Beyoncé.

Akemi is named after jazz pianist Akemi Kuniyoshi-Kuhn. The idea that she carries a musical spirit is certainly reaffirmed by her revealing she started writing songs as young as eight! Fox even used some lyrics she wrote at fifteen and sixteen on her last EP.

Keep an eye out for Fox’s second EP by staying up to date with her on Instagram. She also posts ‘day in the life’ videos on her account, such as for her recent Dublin gig.