Unless you’ve been under a rock you would have seen one of their IG lives reposted on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.  UK model Eva Apio linked with Michael (Blue Story), Tariq (Power TV Show), and Pop Smoke (RIP) and ABO KI TO JA PA AKA Father DMW FENDIBUOI, linked with Nigerian superstar Davido have been doing a series of IG Lives which usually involves Father DMW telling a string of lies and wild statements.

This probably started as a joke but slowly turning into a love story between the two.  We’re really starting to believe these two might actually go out when the lockdown is over ???? Eva is always blushing, laughing and seems to be having a great time chatting with Father DMW.  We lowkey believe they chat on DM and probably have each other’s number.

We’re here for this relationship.  WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? DOES HE DESERVE A CHANCE OR NAH ????????