FKA Twigs, Headie One, and Fred again.. link up on ‘Don’t Judge Me’.

In a recent interview on Louis Theroux’s Grounded podcast, FKA Twigs bore her traumatised soul to the world. She has suffered from PTSD after an abusive relationship and speaks of the racism she has faced since she was a child. This song seems to be her musical antidote to the interview, as her own medicine to overcome her trauma.

Similarly, with Headie One, another artist who has had his fair share of what Wikipedia calls “controversies”, he also expresses pains and traumas he has experienced around racism and treatment by the police. He demands change and progression in this latest track.

Team their lyrics with BRIT award-winning producer Fred again..’s slow, heart-thumping beats mixed with soft promising melodies, and you get a thought-provoking tear-jerker of a track.

This song makes you feel as if FKA Twigs and Headie One are pleading with their fans to accept and move on from their past mistakes, and their pain. In light of recent events, we should all listen to this track as a dirge, where we accept our past and move forward as best as we can. 

You can stream the song here.