Highstreet icon H&M and their line H&M Men have launched their new ONE/SECOND/SUIT’ campaign in which young men can hire suits for free for attending job interviews.

With the rate of unemployment amongst young people standing at 14.3% in March 2021, H&M have launched their new ONE/SECOND/SUIT service in which young men can rent out a navy suit for a 24-hour period, which they can use to create a powerful first impression at job interviews.

There are several sizes available, and these can be ordered for next day delivery. Once wore, the suit is returned to a prepaid cleaning service which is provided by H&M.

The service is free, with the condition the suit is returned within the 24-hour period (or a £50 fine is issued, which the company has stated will be going to charity).

The campaign was launched alongside a website which gave a number of tips for those attending a job interview. It also launched with a promotional video directed by award-winning director Mark Romanek, who directed famous music videos such as 99 Problems by Jay-Z and Sandcastles by Beyonce. The launch video features various young men listening to voicemails by their mum’s who give them advice on how to conduct themselves in job interviews.

The move has been met with praise across social media with one Twitter using saying “Absolutely love this campaign. Something as simple as borrowing a suit will provide struggling individuals with a stepping stone to a whole new world of opportunities. H&M’s humanistic approach of remembering the little guy is inspirational”

H&M has not commented if the scheme will be expanded to include a women’s range as of yet.
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