Love island star/musician Wes Nelson and comedian Munya Chawawa join Michael Dapaah for his workout series Belly Must Go.

The trio start the episode with some jokes during treadmill talk, Munya and Wes divulge into how they have been keeping fit during the lockdowns. 

Dappah goes on to ask the pair why people sometimes mistake them for brothers…odd. Munya jokingly tells Dapaah how people refer to Wes a the ‘BTEC Munya’.

During quickfire questions Dapaah asks Munya and Wes ‘Dubai or Stoke’ – Munya instantly answered Dubai, whilst Wes said he would have to choose his hometown, Stoke.

When asked would they rather be chased by their Ex or a dog, Munya reveals he had actually already been chased by a dog on the way to filming so his default answer would be his Ex.

Wes reveals he would much rather be chased by a dog as he isn’t scared of them and his Ex is crazy…shots fired (@Megan/@Arabella ????).

Whilst doing deadlifts, Wes shares his success of his first ever track featuring Hardy Caprio ‘See Nobody’. He tells Dapaah that his track is currently certified Gold and on the way to platinum in the UK, whilst in Ireland the track has gone double Platinum.

Munya speaks humbly about his come up from making videos on social media where he would be ‘gassed’ if just 30 people saw his content, to now having a large following. Munya said: ‘I’m very content and you know man, I’m just excited about the future.’

Finally Agent Harvs shows the pair the infamous BMG Circuit, where the trio race one another to see who can complete the circuit fastest.

Unfortunately, for the first time ever, Dapaah came in third place with a time of 23.56 seconds. Munya lost to Wes by 8 mili seconds, meaning Wes was the new title holder for the BMG Circuit with a time of 21.78 seconds – pretty good considering he supposedly doesn’t work out. 

Watch the full episode of Belly Must Go and let us know whether you think you could beat Wes’s time @pieradiouk.