Bangladeshi-Irish singer-songwriter Joy Crookes has released her new single ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me Now’, along with accompanying visuals.

The new single taps into classic soul, musically immediate but lyrically incredibly complex.

The song explores recent social injustices and highlights the danger of people remaining complicit out of fear that they could be cancelled for speaking out.

Joy has hopes that the song will “encourage people to be a bit braver” in challenging the behaviour of family and friends.

The single will be featured on her long-awaited debut album JC1 alongside “Power” and “Anyone But Me”. The release for the album was pushed back last year but will be releasing this year.

Joy rises to the occasion again, with her angelic vocals channelling some complex thoughts:

“I’ve been posing with red skies, retweeting picket signs, put my name on petitions but I won’t change my mind. I’m keeping up appearances, the dark side of my privilege…”

The new single was teased to fans when Joy mentioned on her Instagram story earlier this week that she would be playing the song from a speaker at the top of Primrose Hill in London.

‘Feet Don’t Fail Me Know’ was released on Wednesday, and has made a grand statement on Spotify, making its way into several big playlists.

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