Polo G released his most recent album ‘Hall of Fame’ last week, but the feedback isn’t what you’d expect…

Before the album was released, Polo addressed the viral ‘Piano G’ memes that had swept widely across socials. The meme originated from Polo G’s over-tendency to using piano instrumentals for his songs.

He stated however that he took on this feedback, and had took the time to craft and try new sounds. This got his millions of followers pumped for what was coming, as ‘The Goat’ was special in so many people’s eyes.

But after listening to the album, many could not help but feel that something was missing from ‘Hall of Fame’, in contrast to ‘The Goat’ which was released last year.

The ‘Piano G’ memes had been replaced, with some comedic geniuses stating that ‘The G stands for guitar’ after Polo experimented with guitar-fused instrumentation on his new record. Many also stated that all of the songs sounded the same.

Despite the hate, the album does definitely have some hits such as ‘Go’ with G Herbo which is a personal highlight, with Black Hearted and GANG GANG doing incredible numbers respectably.

So in short…

Is ‘Hall of Fame’ a little repetitive? Yes. Does it look like Polo listened to his fans like he said he did? No.

But is ‘Hall of Fame’ deserving of all the hate? No… No it isn’t.

I personally don’t see a reason to return to the album much on the basis that ‘The Goat’ has more to offer, but at the same time this isn’t the worst thing to ever grace Hip-Hop.  It doesn’t help to break the stigma that Polo G is a bit overrated given the current scene, however, if you are looking for some hits for summer, this album will have them for you.

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