In the wake of big Connagh playing on Siannise’s heartstrings, by lipsing new girl Rebecca, Mike and Leanne taking a set back, lil Connor get Sophie back and Nas’s hilarious shenanigans at the strip tease we have two new recruits looking for a special lady (as if the queens face is that hard to find) so lets get to know these two shall we.

Twitter reacts to mike and Leanne

Luke Trottman is a semi pro footballer/ student from Luton. He says his ideal woman is like Jessica Alba, Intelligent, Pretty, Confident and bubbly. He has his eye on Leanne, Siannise and Sophie

Luke Trottman Winter Love Island 2020

Luke Mabbot is a 24 year old heating engineer from Redcar (wherever that is). His ideal woman is someone outgoing, funny and can hold down a conversation. He fancies Paige, Sophie, Shaughna and Rebecca.

Luke Mabbot Winter Love Island 2020.

The lads will enter the villa in tonight’s episode, let’s see who gets shook first.

Twitter reacts to the new arrivals in love island

More love island talk coming your way soon peeps !