Last week we spend the whole whole week speaking to Porry and Mpura asking for exclusives for the balcony mix…. Mpura only sent us exclusives on the Friday night but Porry sent on Friday morning… so we used some of the exclusives Porry sent us for the mix.

So sad to think that the last time we spoke to Mpura was on Saturday evening 8pm…. He asked boizens the exclusives… We like we need you to shoot your part for Balcony Mix London….his like we doing from London.. and we like yeah….Khaya will shoot your part in Johannesburg on Monday and his like let’s move boizen. So we shot it and sent everything to Khaya… yesterday morning we were bothering Khaya about getting hold of Mpura to shoot his parts for the mix until we found out Mpura is no more…. ????????

Mpura was a guy that just wanted to see everything happen. That’s all he wanted. He had sooooo much to prove and his drive scared us at times. So different and didn’t mind taking on a challenge…

Mpura we gona release this balcony mix because that all you really wanted especially from us. I would really like to ask everyone who has videos of Mpura to please send videos to @khaya_bhengu
We really want to make this happen for Friday since we were suppose to drop the mix this Friday.

We would like to send our condolences to Mpura, Killer, Voice and Thato families and friends for this tragedy and May God guide us through this dark time. We believe God will make it all make sense to us one day.????❤️

We hoping Khaya can make this all happen for Friday.. but yes the pressure is on. THE MPURA WAY… ❤️????????????❤️