Capital & Centric property developers release images of their plans for the Weir Mill and surrounding area.

The photos have received a lot of positive responses on Facebook with people saying “its just what Stockport needs”. On user commented: “Love that there is so much focus on outdoor spaces and creating what looks like a community feel around the water”.

Another user commented: “I think it looks great. Maybe Stockport isn’t the prettiest place in the world, but I think the massive improvement of the area round the station together with these latest proposals, will revitalise this part of town”.

A running theme throughout the responses is that it will rejuvenate Stockport. Capital & Centric’s design proposal of this space, if executed,  will undoubtedly bring visitors into the area. There is nothing like this in Stockport. It has the potential to have similar success to Freight Island in the city centre and Hatch on Oxford Road. This would be a great investment for Stockport!

There is a website for the Weir Mill encouraging residents of stockport to have their say. If you would like to comment you can access the website here: