Octavian’s Ex girlfriend known on instagram as “emobaby4real” has accused Octavian of physical, emotional and verbal abuse just before the release of his new album.

She said in a post that “the reason I decided to share my story with Octavian now before his album is I don’t want anyone to look up to this man”. She further notes “especially not young girls and listen to the dark music to celebrate his abuse”.

In a since deleted interview, Octavian talks about his song “my head” that he admits was about his ex-girlfriend. In this track he regularly refers to killing her one of the lines saying: “Bitch, you can’t talk to me, I ain’t got the time/ Too busy cutting lines, I’ll kill you if you’re in my sight”.

Emo Baby shared a number of horrifying images of bruises and cuts on her body caused by Octavian. Additionally, she shared snippets of manipulative and abusive texts messages.

In one of the screenshots Octavian admits to his abuse, revealing his god-complex: “you can abuse the shit out of me. I did for four years. Cause you knew I had everything and you had nothing”. Emobaby notes that he used his wealth and position of power in the music industry as a form of control over her and his friends.

She notes:  “Octavian has a god complex, anyone who did not submit or comply to everything he said and did would suffer. He did this to many of his friends by offering them jobs and encouraging them to rely on him. This gave him the ability and control to takes these away if they didn’t agree to everything he said”.

Emobaby has left the country for her own safety and wellbeing.

Octavian denies allegations in a series of instagram story posts.