Malz Monday and KOTA the Friend branch out from their natural lanes and join together for a dance-themed tune ‘Say it’

Malz Monday and KOTA the Friend have both been making waves in their own respective lanes.

Malz Monday adaapted an evident 90s Boom Bap style of production with his rhymes, and his ‘Thank God its Monday’ album in 2020.

KOTA the friend has been on an undeniable hot streak over the past year, with the terrific album EVERYTHING which is practically what summer would sound like if it was an album, as well as the second episode of his ‘Lyrics To Go’ series. This was finally being accompanied by a boom-bap dominated collab album with Statik Selektah early this year which has been received very well.

Given the recent track record of Malz and Kota, with Malz owning the boom-bap lane and Kota branching into it, many would speculate that this single would take a similar census. However, the end result is in fact a ridiculously infectious dance banger with a hook that will get stuck in your head, as well as relatable verses about a lusting love interest that Malz and Kota both deliver with their own finesse.

Furthermore, Malz stated on instagram that he was voted the best dancer at his school for 3 years in a row, so it is possible that the stylistic switch up was inspired by his past endeavours, and that we could expect Malz Monday to bust a move to this song in the near future.

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