As we draw to the end of LGBTQ+ month, we’ve been greeted with some good news – Manchester PRIDE festival is looking like it’s going to happen this year! (Providing the easing of UK COVID restrictions go to plan)

The festival is set to go ahead over the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

PRIDE events seek to celebrate visibility, self-affirmation and equality for those within the LGBTQ+ community.

Past PRIDE events in Manchester have been some of the biggest in the country. With appearances from Sir Ian McKellan, to live performances from Years and Years and Ariana Grande, it is one of the most successful of PRIDE celebrations across the globe.

This year’s offering, since it was sadly cancelled last year, is looking vastly different to past celebrations.

There is mention on the website that the festival will have socially distanced measures in place for all events they are running. There’s also a mention for digital events that are running, just in case the worst happens and the physical events cannot go ahead.

Nevertheless, it is worth remaining optimistic that PRIDE has been planned and will hopefully go ahead. 

Tickets and more details can be found here

Let us know if you will be attending, and who you’d want to see perform at the festival @pieradiouk