For Mental Health Awareness week, we rounded up our presenters to discuss what mental health means to them and how they manage it.

Stro, Radio Presenter and Football Coach, speaks about his personal experience of his sister passing due to her mental condition .His tips are opening up, remembering the good times and being busy.

Sophie, explains her perception of mental health “doing the best you can”. She advises waking up early, keeping hydrated and meditation.

Content Manager, Saint, says mental health is how you view yourself and the outside world. He advises meditating in the morning, treating yourself and connecting with family.

Presenter and writer, Carlos, discusses mental health coming from a South Asian community. He explains it “If I hit my head, it’s going to hurt, you take that seriously – the same things can happen in your head”. He suggests remain hydrated, going for walks and self-validation.

Radio Presenter and Football Pundit, Flawless, says “mental health is everything to me, withouth good mental health you can’t do anything” He talks about the improvements of eradicating the stigmas attached to mental health as people used to say “get over it”. He says his three things to manage it are: laughing, telling jokes to make others laugh, praising others or as he puts it “giving people their flowers”.

Producer Emmie says mental health is the things going on in your head, if they’re bad then it’s bad and if they’re good then it’s good.  Three things she does to improve her mental health are: listening to music, talking to family and going to the gym.

Rapper, OneDa, says mental health is being mentally healthy and strong. Everyday OneDa does positive self talk, meditation and being present “living in the now”.

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What are your top three tips for managing mental health? Message us @pieradiouk