As it is mental health week, we at Pie Radio want to stress the importance on being okay both physically, and mentally. People easily forget that both affect the other.

Although mental health issues are on the increase, the awareness is also on the increase. Our writers here have written some pieces about where to seek the relevant professional help. Our presenters have also recorded a video series on what their understanding of mental health is and its importance.

This particular list may seem gender biased however, the rate of suicide in males is one of the biggest causes of death in the U.K.

That is not to say that women don’t suffer at all. I still suffer with clinical depression, though I am lucky though that I have an amazing support network of friends and family.

Another aspect of my personal support network is music, I connect to it so deeply when it completely sees through my mental cracks, these hip hop artists, are partly responsible for this strong connection.

Kendrick Lamar

When I was first diagnosed with my depression, I remember stumbling on the To Pimp a Butterfly (a year after its release) and it felt like a real punch in the stomach. I connected so much with what he was saying, but, at the same time, K.Dot made me realise that even on a personal level, we will be alright in the end.


This song, I always need to listen to once in a while. J. Cole pours his soul out in this massively underrated track from his album KOD. The whole album touches on his personal struggles but this track is the bang at the end that gives me goosebumps it’s that relatable.


A man who has always conquered his mental health demons face on. This particular song speaks for itself. There have even been studies that have proven this particular song is great at motivation. There is a reason that it has over a billion views alone. Listen and you will know.


A quiet incredible talent who is open about all his emotions. He is very open about how personal losses have affected his mental health. This song however, from one of my favourite albums, gives me so much hope that everything will work out. Nas and Damien prove to all of us who are struggling that we all have inner strength to be found, even in the darkest of moments.

Mac Miller

Last, but by no means least, Mac Miller. A super talented young man who sadly died of an overdose back in 2018. His music was his escape route that his fans latched on to. He was so bold in his lyricism when talking about his mental health problems. He was respected by many great artists too who held a tribute concert in his honour. His last known U.K. show was supporting his then girlfriend Ariana Grande at the One Love show in Manchester. I for one, take my hat off to the man who was as honest and open as he was with his issues, I hope he has found peace as well. His legacy will be his music, this is what he will be remembered for.

This is my top 5, but it has been chosen with all genders in mind, all ethnicities, all socioeconomic backgrounds, and all sexualities. Just know that you do not have to fight these dark thoughts alone, there is always somebody in the world, even if you never meet them, who knows what you are feeling and going through.

We hope these artists can bring you some solace and help you reflect on your inner demons.

Let us know @pieraadiouk which artists you turn to for mental support.