The fourth episode of ‘Pie Radio Weekly Rundown’ presented by Eustina, your weekly news and update condensed.

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What’s good people? It’s you girl, Eustina and you’re locked into the weekly rundown here at Pie Radio.

Well, it’s official, Donald Trump has not been reelected to serve his second term of the presidency at the white house. This is because Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris have officially won the elections and they will be taking over. Kamala Harris will be the first woman of colour to join the vice presidency list. And she’s the first woman of colour in the white house Kamala Harris was district attorney for two different States until she became the Senator of California. In 2017. She will be taking over the role of the current vice president, Mike Pence and Donald Trump is officially now the first president since the 1980s to not be reelected for the second term of presidency.

Although Biden hasn’t been sworn into presidency yet he has released a statement for Americans all over to follow COVID guidelines and keep wearing face masks. Onto the topic of face masks. And COVID, a vaccine has now been developed by a company called BioNTech and they claim that it’s 90% effective. It has been tested in 43,000 people with only 94 people going on to actually get coronavirus after it, the UK have already ordered 30 million and they plan to have at least 50 million by the end of this year. The UK government has now officially pledged 400 million pounds to Marcus Rashford’s tackle on food poverty.

The government had previously rejected the offer and rejected the fact that they wanted to help Rashford, but Rashford kept pushing and pushing and pushing, and here we go, he’s got 400 million pounds to donate towards children and free school lunches now. Between now and the end of March, the councils will be given 170 million pounds to tackle food poverty. And then a further 240 million pounds next year to cover Easter, summer and Christmas holidays. In the world of gaming, it’s good news for all PlayStation 4 users.

Sony have announced a statement saying that they don’t need to worry about not being able to get internet support or tech support until 2022. Well, the PlayStation 5 is due to come out at the end of November. Comment down below if you managed to pre-order it. And if you didn’t, are you going to pre-order it? Also in the world of gaming, the NBA 2K21 have now released the official soundtrack and includes UK artists such as Stormzy and Dave and they’ll also be joined by the likes of Popcaan, Lil baby and the late Pop Smoke. If you’re into alcohol, then I’ve got good news for you. The famous Elon Musk has not released his own version of tequila and he’s named at Teslaquila., The tequila retails 191 pounds and it’s been described to have a light, vanilla taste with a cinnamon pepper finish.
And if you guys were trying to go and buy it, you can’t, you can only purchase two. And they’ve now officially been sold out everywhere. And I can tell you that resellers are selling it for at least $999 for one bottle. The question is, would you guys pay $999 for a bottle of tequila? Because I know I wouldn’t.

It is also with a heavy heart that we have to announce U.S. rapper King Von has been fatally shot dead in Atlanta. The incident happened at about 3:00 AM in the car park of a nightclub, and it left three injured, including Von and his manager. Shortly after that, DJ Akademiks went onto social media to announce the passing of King Von. However, his manager did make it. A week prior to his death, he had just released his first debut album. “Welcome to the O block” featuring artists, such as Lil Durk, Fivio Foreign and Polo G. Our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones and family.

Additionally, a 16-year-old rapper that goes by the name of MD Morsley from Manchester was fatally, stabbed and killed on Thursday night. MD worked really closely with us here at Pie Radio and really hurts us to have to say goodbye to him as he had a really bright future. I hope this situation makes people a bit more aware about knife violence and gang crime here in Manchester. Once again, I’ve been your girl, Eustina and you’ve been locked into Pie Radio’s weekly rundown. Join us here next week for some more news.