Manchester charity, ‘We Love MCR’, have collaborated with Nike, Size and Manchester City Council to bring us an incredible pair of Air Force 1’s. The shoe has a brown tick and a cream base featuring the symbol of the Manchester worker bee on the side of the shoe. For each sale of the Air Force 1’s, 10% of the profit goes to ‘We Love MCR’. ‘

‘We Love MCR’ is a charity that aims to strengthen communities across Manchester and support young people.

young people

‘We love MCR’ support young people in a variety of ways. They fund work experience so young people have a route in to some of Manchester’s top employers. Additionally, they provide short breaks away from Manchester for these young people to build life skills. As well as this, they work with young people individually to support their next steps to becoming Manchester’s future leaders.

Stronger communities

‘We Love MCR’ encourage and enable people who want to make a difference within the community. They provide grants to community groups, support disadvantaged individuals to overcome barriers, and provide volunteers to make a difference.

Undoubtedly, this collaboration will aid ‘We Love MCR’ to continue to deliver their fantastic service and essential support to the community.

You can find out more about ‘We Love MCR’ on their website here: