Having some issues with those gloves Boris?

WHAT HAS the government said THIS WEEK?

Vaccine Rollout Programme

The target to vaccinate the most vulnerable in the first cohort was met a day earlier than expected on 14th February 2021. Vaccines are now moving their focus onto the other groups classed as vulnerable. The total who have received their first vaccine is 16.8 million.

Total Infections and Deaths

In short, all are on the decrease on the charts and graphs. Total deaths currently stand at 129,498 (those who have COVID-19 on the death certificate). Just under 4.1 million have tested positive.

What has been said by the government this week?

In short, very little. Although there has been lots of talk about the illegality of issuing contracts, or poor taste OJ Simpson references, and rogue backbenchers speaking a lot of truth about lockdowns. Monday 22nd February is the day the Prime Minister will set out the roadmap to exiting this lockdown, changes to which are “irreversible”.

Final Points

We repeat what we said last week; although the news is minimal again this week, it is much more positive and promising. It seems there is a light emerging at the end of a tunnel. We do however strongly advise that if you are struggling, refer to the following advice and points of contact below. 

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