The Video Music Awards (VMA’s) always create a buzz whenever they come around – what did we see this year? Well, Kanye West outlined his aim to run for 2020 U.S Presidency (if Donald Trump can, Kanye definitely could too) and Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj got into a war of words – so nothing really out the ordinary. However, one story making the rounds today is something which may have been overlooked at the show.

The man who has become known as the ‘VMA white man’ jumped into the #blacklivesmatter debate after Empire star Jussie Smollet shouted ‘Black Lives Matter’ across the audience to which the white man then shouted back to Jussie saying ‘All Lives Matter’ a now clichéd response commonly used to derail discussions about racial inequality – however little did he know that he was sat next to Franchesca Ramsey – a strong advocate and spokesperson for the #blacklivesmatter debate, quickly responded. 

‘It’s #blacklivesmatter for a reason’ Ramsey said, then the man continue to say ‘All Lives Matter’ then covering his ears everytime Franchesca tried to tell him why it was ‘#blacklivesmatter’ the situation continued to escalate until both parties decided to settle down, however Ramsey’s message still remained clear – it is ‘blacklivesmatter’ for a reason, and that is due to the recent and past mistreatment which seems to have occurred across the black community – and by spreading the message, they can help bring more light to a situation which like this one with the ‘VMA white man’ which have showcased that not everyone can accept this new movement.

Written by Dan Willis