Manchester’s very own Pip Millet has linked up with Ghetts to produce the powerful track ‘Running‘.

The collaboration presents the tiresome reality of being black or a person of colour in an unequal white western world.

The powerful track which is led by Pip’s angelic vocals and lyrics laments: “Black and free, I don’t think that’s a thing”. The song provides the perfect mix of emotion through the soulful voice of Pip and Ghetts’ hard-hitting bars.

In the rapper’s verse he touches on relations between the police and the Black community: “Feds are behind, I fell like I’m wanted, dead or alive.”

The music video follows a Black woman walking through a country estate building, looking up at classical paintings of historic figures who are all white. The woman becomes distressed and starts running to find a way to escape the building, but can’t get out.

The music video is an emotional reflection of exactly what the story presents lyrically – being Black in a heavily dominated white western world.

The collaboration is an incredibly poignant production both lyrically and physically, we hope to see more collaborations from these two artists.

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