Rising star Rio drops a deep and meaningful album “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. The album consists of ten tracks each carefully crafted and bangers in their own right.

The track breakdown

The first track, Ghost, sets the tone for the rest of the album: heaving hitting and powerful. He spits with effortless flow about taking risks to pursue his dream.

‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ featuring Misha B is a certified banger – Misha B’s slick vocals compliment Rio’s passionate and powerful delivery. The chirpy beat and increased tempo is reflective of the mood change as Rio raps about success.

Each track takes us through different moods evoking a particular emotion. ‘Medusa’ featuring Mr Benz is a mix of flavours. Rio intricately spits over a boppy hip-hop beat while Mr Benz’s vocals brings a Caribbean twist.

‘Seasons Change’. Rio’s deep bars over us a siren-infused dramatic beat lures listeners in.

‘Awake’ shows Rio’s versatility as an artist combining vocals and rap – this one proves to the world that grime isn’t dead! Honestly, this one gives UK grime OG’s a run for their money.

‘No Guts, No Glory’. Rio’s delivery is hard on this one – I’m looking forward to see this live post-covid as it will get the crowd gassed.

‘2020 Vision’ is a reflection of this painful year. The beat is chilled making us focus on the lyrics. Rio raps about Britain and racism. He notes Megan’s experience of racism as a mixed-race woman in the public eye.

‘Guide Me’ featuring Aya Bleu’s angelic vocals combined with Rio’s honest bars has the potential of topping the charts.

‘The Last Straw’ is a beautiful track. Rio’s flow ripples smoothly over the contemporary beat.

The final track, Jannis, Rio raps about heartbreak and his family over a piano-infused beat. This one is raw, deep and captivating.


We were lucky enough to catch up with Rio to ask him a few questions about the album…

What was the influence behind the album?

The influence behind the album was to tell my untold story as authentic and unapologetic as possible leaving no stone unturned. I was also influenced by the fact that I believe and know I am one of the most well-rounded artists’ in the country.

What was the creative process like writing it?

The creative process was surreal, the fact that I had to be vulnerable and write about why I had a 4-year break from music was overwhelming but exciting for me. During the beginning of the year I was reading a lot and studying the greats that came before me, that helped me excel with my creativity and art.

You have a few collaborations on the album – can you tell us a bit about those and how it was working collaboratively with Misha B, Mr Benz and Aya Bleu?

Working with Misha B was great, we have a solid relationship away from music from way before she was on X factor show, one of those older brother’s younger sister sort of relationship’s. The song we wrote only Misha could vocal and articulate the message behind the record which was about Moss side and us growing up in the area from being youngsters. This record relates to any urban / hood / ghetto community anywhere in the world.

Working with Mr Benz again was sick, he is like a big brother to me. He featured on my huge hit record years ago called ‘Can’t stop we’ that did great things for us. Our record on the album is a fuse between hip hop and bashment as he brought that Caribbean flavour, I came with the catchy hook and bars.

Working with Aya Bleu was cool, I needed a smooth record on the album that the females could sing along and relate to. Our vibe in studio was good, we understood what we were trying to achieve with this record and we delivered. I even got my sing on in the verse’s.

What is the message/ what do you want your listeners to feel from this album?

The message behind the album is bouncing back from adversity, overcoming fear and having the courage to put my story out to the world. I believe the album will take the listener on an emotional roller-coaster, it has that feeling of greatness and longevity. It is an album you must marinate in, one of those projects that commands you to pay attention to my journey and artistry.

How have you celebrated the album’s release?

We haven’t really celebrated as such because of the covid lockdown situation but I had a champagne toast the night the album was released by going on my Lives and showcasing my album with a few fans. The feedback has been incredible! OW YA MEAN!!!!!


This album draws on his personal experiences revealing his authenticity as an artist. We look forward to following Rio’s journey – he is set for stardom.

Link to the album is here: