Say hello to the next best mash up – a hip hop themed chippy.

Today’s focus has been a long time coming. What with lockdown and rescheduling and catching up with mates. I finally got to indulge in what we know as the great British takeaway with a twist.

Yes, I have finally paid a visit to The Hip Hop Chip Shop, and it was well worth the wait. I was sold straight away on their pun filled titles for food.

They have a stall at the Carlton Club in Whalley Range, but I visited their main chippy located in Ancoats. Bonus, you do not have to book a table, you can walk up and choose to sit outside or inside. I was super tempted to sit inside because they were playing Queen Erykah Badu full blast, but the weather was too nice to sit indoors.

Usually, I get a bit weird about fish and chips. I always think they are either too greasy or, need to be eaten by a seafront, but this place proved me wrong on both counts. I went for the curry battered fish with chips (no mushy peas as they are the devil). All I can say is they tasted as good as they looked. Curry batter might sound scary to those who aren’t into their spicy food but trust me, it just added a nice subtle kick that didn’t blow your head off with heat.

I did sneak in to pay for the scran and the walls are plastered in the owner’s hip hop memorabilia which, as a fan of the genre, I was impressed by some of the signed posters, photos and records.

Plastered on the back wall were epic hip hop gigs in Manchester, made me miss gigs but the collage was amazing. I also realised how many decent gigs I’d missed but here’s hoping a future of gigs returns.

Even the window decals displayed my dream record collection, titles of classic hip hop albums. Which in turn sent me back to listening to some forgotten favourites which may appear in future TBT posts.

For those of you who don’t eat fish, they offer vegan and veggie options so you don’t feel left out. For those who suffer from a gluten intolerance, just slide into their social media DMs and I’m sure somebody will be able to advise what you can and can’t have.


Hand on heart, this is on my best chippy in the U.K. list, go and check it out. Relax, listen to some great tunes, drink some soft drinks or cocktails, and eat some decent scran. Then check out this little gem in Ancoats. Oh and most importantly, it’s super affordable.

Check out their social media pages here for opening times and collection/delivery options