Geovarn released ‘Here for You’ back in April, since then the London based artist has received almost 34k views on YouTube and 74k plays on Spotify.

Geovarn boasts a distinct flow, his versatility can be heard on all of his tracks, especially his ‘Meanstyles’, where he takes samples from legendary tracks such as ‘Wild Thoughts’ and ‘The Boy Is Mine’ and puts his own unique spin on them.


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‘Here for You’ tells the story of a girl who seems to be unhappy in her relationship and happens to find a sense of security in Geovarn. The visuals present flashbacks of a happier time, giving us those early 2000s music video vibes.

Throughout ‘Here for You’ Geovarn tells a story with ease, using his exceptional flow to guide listeners through the song.

The first time I listened to Geovarn was in 2016 when his track ‘Your Way’ was released. Since then I have avidly followed Geovarn’s journey in music.

Although Geovarn has grown immensely as an artist, it’s evident he has also stayed true to himself which I believe gives his music great individuality.

I spoke to Geovarn and asked him about his track ‘Here for You’ and his career so far:

What/who inspired you to write ‘Here For You’?

“‘Here for you’ was inspired by a long term friend of mine who was in a relationship at the time and wasn’t happy so she use to call me to vent because I was always there for her.”

How long have you been making music for?

“I’ve been masking music for 12 years but I’ve only started making R&B music for 6 years.”

Which track of yours has been your favourite so far?

“Very hard to choose but it would have to be “4AM” because that’s the song where I started to find my sound.”

How would you say you have grown as an artist since some of you earliest releases ‘Say Now’ and ‘Your Way’?

“Since my earlier releases, I would say that I’ve found my strongest and weakest points in my vocals and the tone that suits my voice the most. I also now have a better understanding of how to connect to the fans through my lyrics.”

How are you feeling now lockdown is easing, do you have any performances arranged?

“It feels good now that lockdown is easing, there has been a few performances in the pipeline but nothing fully confirmed yet.”

What can we be expecting from you for the rest of 2021? Another album?

“I’m working on 2 separate projects right now that I’m hoping to drop this year so I’m really looking forward to that.”

Take in the visuals for ‘Here for You’ and let us know @pieradiouk what you think. You can also keep up to date with Geovarn via his Instagram.