Size and nike link up to celebrate Manchester’s creative spirit. They interviewed three Mancunians to explore their stories about the influence the city has had on them. 10% of the profit from each Air Force One will go to ‘We Love MCR’. ‘We Love MCR’ is a charity which supports young Mancunians from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Luke una

Size sat down with Luke to learn about the importance of music in the city over the years, and his experience hunting for records. He describes Manchester back in the 80s as ‘off-piste’ and ‘very underground’. He goes onto say ‘there were no barriers but there was tribalism, there was also a great thirst for an ecelectic approach to music’. In the video, Luke notes that music is an integral part in Manchester’s culture.

[ K S R ]

[ K S R ] shares his story about when he realised he wanted to be a musician. He said, “his friend asked him if he wanted to come to the studio and he sang and they recorded three or four songs”. He further notes, “it was then [he] knew [he] really wanted to be a singer”. [ K S R ] further mentions the influence of Manchester on him and the authenticity of his music.

Maria Mirembe

Maria mentions the abuse she faced as a child and how Manchester was her escape. She said she put all her energy into education, and further notes how the charity ‘We Love MCR’ was her support system. She mentions how the city of Manchester makes her feel ‘welcome’ and ‘wanted’.