SL and M1llionz boss it on a hard drill beat for their latest release, ‘Versus’.

The dress code was smart as the artists worked together for the first time, in an intricate lyrical display SL is known all too well for by his fans. It also seems like anything M1llionz jumps on right now bangs, considering tracks like Y PREE’ which is currently at 4.4 million views – he really does live up to his name.

This is SL’s latest release since his 2020 album Different Dude, which was well received by his fanbase.

In the music video, the pair are seen posing as bosses in an office, showing they are on top of the game and possess business qualities, possibly from their years of experience. SL has always been trying to better his stack – I can’t think of a better person for the job.

Some business advice M1llionz gives in this song include “you bought jewels and copped no hammers, in all honesty bro, you’re doing it backwards”. 

A personal favourite line would have to be when SL says “Sweetest flavours not fragrance get put in my pot”, as we all know SL is all about his flavours.

Hopefully there is more of this to come from SL as there is a lot of potential there if he can grind well enough for it.

You can stream ‘Versus’ here.