‘RAPSTAR’, the long-awaited single by platinum-selling rapper Polo G about relationships, drug use, riches and fame has finally been released, and it seems the only way is up!

The instrumental was initially released 10 months ago on Einer Bankz’ channel, and the duo worked together again on this song. Bankz impressively playing the ukulele mixed with Polo G’s angelic voice may just be our new favourite thing! 

So far the song has racked up 1.1 million views and is number one trending on YouTube. We have no doubts this song will be his next big hit.

Polo G grew up in the Chicago projects, a place renowned for gun and gang violence, and has risen to fame quite suddenly. When older members from his gang told him to pursue his music further, he decided to swap the stress from the streets with the pain of being famous, as he shows in this song. 

The artist, real name Taurus Tremani Bartlett, speaks about buying a BMW, getting money and “chains clanging”, as well as making many hints to his time in his gang, Black Disciples.  The first verse seems to be about his battle at present time, possibly to do with anxiety and drug use, as he talks about his use of “pills”, and his sadness “when alone, my eyes teary”. 

In the second verse he gets a bit more heated. This is shown when he sings “Weren’t puttin’ them streets first, White tees turned burgundy t-shirts” and about “homicides”. We see there are two very different sides to Taurus; a sad anxiety stricken lonely young man, and a violent gangster – it makes you wonder how rapping about guns and sadness works so well together!

After what has seemed like forever, Polo G is releasing new music and it seems like the only way is up for this young yet well-established rapper.

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