Lil Tecca doesn’t waste his time in his new hit song, ‘Show Me Up’

Lil Tecca sure knows how to make a great sounding catchy chorus, as shown yet again in his take on Boofpaxkmooky’s song ‘Show Me Up‘.

Tecca fans have been waiting for this song since May 2020 when the rapper showed a preview on an Instagram live.

The artist first rose to fame when Lyrical Lemonade, a large YouTube channel which uploads the music videos of artists such as Eminem, Juice Wrld and many others, uploaded his song ‘Ransom’. You would wonder how he got his music video on the channel, however it was clear to see why when it became one of the most popular songs on the channel, with a staggering 331 million views.

Lil Tecca has worked with other massive artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, The Kid Lairoi, Lil Tjay, Lil Durk and Polo G, with all collaborations racking up huge numbers. Tecca has also created multiple hit solo tracks after ‘Ransom’, including ‘When You Down’, ‘Did It Again’ and hopefully this one, though only time will tell if this song is going to be another banger.

On a personal level, I feel the song was a little bit boring and hasn’t really got any purpose, however the tune is very catchy and I can see myself putting this in my playlist!

Let us know your thoughts on the track @pieradiouk