Hugely popular Manchester outfit James are back, with the announcement on their Twitter that All The Colours Of You is to be released on June 4th.

On March 1st, front man Tim Booth and co released the title track from the album. An uplifting, pop heavy track featuring a glorious array of drums and trumpets, also withholding great live potential.

In a statement on their website, the band explain the differences in their newest project in comparison to the James those may be more familiar with:

“Hi everybody and welcome to our 16th album, ‘All The Colours Of You’. Recorded in a strange, disparate reality, the album brought a unique set of challenges. It’s definitely a different record for us. We have been pushed somewhere new and that’s exciting.”

James rose to fame in the iconic “Madchester” era, playing at the legendary Hacienda club with equally iconic bands such as The Happy Mondays and New Order.

All The Colours Of You marks the band’s 16th studio album, and their first studio album since 2018. The new release also marks an incredible 36 years since their debut.

The band are also planning to go on tour in November and December 2021 with The Happy Mondays. The Manchester gig is sadly sold out but see if you can get tickets at a different venue!

Will you be listening to All The Colours of You and/or seeing James on tour? Let us know @pieradiouk