Manchester’s SVMI is back with yet another wavy instalment, entitled: “He Say She Say”.

At midnight, we received the 0161 residents first solo single of 2020 – following on from last months impressive release of “Through The Grapevine” Featuring friends; A1, Kamali and Con M1 – the track has since accumulated an astounding 56,000 streams on both Spotify and YouTube.

Despite the undeniably catchy offering lasting under 2 minutes, the MC sets forth his signature wavy flow while serving up smooth melodies.

Throughout SVMI expresses the trials and tribulations, that come with having a Mrs and his need to find an escape, with some help from his ‘pack’.

As expected, the rapper conveys his usual northern charm along with some cheeky one liners:

“Feel like I’m Stevie Wonder, vision blacked out but I still work a wonder”

“I’m all alone baked off burning wedding cake, my mummy, she my world she could never be alone now, I’ll fly her to the hills, I’ll fly her to the homeland”

With LiTek responsible for production, it come as no surprise that this one is banger. Definitely one to add to your COVID-19 playlists!

2020 is looking very promising for SVMI, we can’t wait to hear what comes next!

Stream He Say She Say below!