AJ Tracey immortalised Michael Jordan in his new album, Flu Game, and his musical versatility has allowed him to stay in a league of his own with the release of the highly anticipated record.

From Ladbroke Grove to Flu Game, the new album is seasoned with international flavours and upbeat melodies, however the Londoner’s famous UK rhythm remains ever-present.

The artist has musically shape-shifted once again in his second studio album, which features big names such as T-Pain, Kehlani, Mabel and NAV. The tracks on the new album remain heavy with braggadocio rap and serve as a testament to the artists evolving musical nature.


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The album aesthetic is bouncing in NBA attire, with AJ Tracey photographed in a Jersey and Jordan’s for the album cover.

The West London rapper has layered his new album in basketball references as well as paying tribute to the historical 1997 NBA championship match, in which Michael Jordan shockingly led the Chicago Bulls to victory, after falling seriously ill with food poisoning; famously known as the Flu Game.

The UK rapper breathes life back into the late 90s and early 2000s, blessing the album with that old school melodic rhythm whilst keeping things fresh.

A B2K and Jagged Edge nostalgic presence lives within the record, especially through tracks such as Summertime Shootout and Top Dog. AJ Tracey has broadened his artistry, re-visiting his musical past and hitting his creative mark with a bank shot.

From amalgamating genres to re-branding his musical identity, AJ Tracey never fails to surprise his audience. We can’t wait to see what he does next!

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