Congratulations to KinKai on the release of ‘Mellow Mermaids and Malibu’ #MMM. Unfortunately we couldn’t get him in the studio for a proper interview but he was able to answer a few questions about the brand project. Read the interview below and let us know your thoughts on the project and your favourite tracks.

If you could, how would you describe your music?
I’d describe my music as a taste of nostalgia over laid back sloppy beats. Some people say its west coast vibes but I grew up on more east coast and African music.

Is there a difference between KinKai the artist and the man behind the music?
I’d say KinKai is slightly more arrogant, cause I’m quite a shy guy if I don’t know you. Party Pooper explains that best really. I think I was just more of an observant kid hence why it’s all about imagery when I rhyme.

What is your creative or writing process?
I’m a hermit, so I stay home all day Saturday and chill to some MF Doom, Tribe Called Quest, IAMDDB, D’Angelo, Ghostface amongst other until around an hour before the Mrs gets back. Then I get busy writing. No lies you can ask her.

Glue 70 produced a lot of the tracks, how did you guys link up?
Glue and I linked up via Flow Theory. He’s a co owner of it and his partner invited me on day one to be a co-owner. I turned it down but kept going back to his Studio which was in Salford and then we just vibed out for weeks until we eventually go something going. We’ve not stopped since.

What inspired the title ‘Mellow Mermaids and Malibu’
MMM was a name I played on the first tape ‘Distortions‘ called Roses to a Mermaid.
Mellow = The feel
Mermaids = The idea that mermaids are beautiful above water and have secrets underneath. The same way a rose has thorns but we use them to express love. This tape discusses the Oxymoron of seeking good or bad and disregarding consequences.
Malibu = Because I think it’s wavey and a lot of the feedback I used to get from the previous EP was that I make waves.

What are your expectations for the project?
I just want to perform more and meet new people. There’s mad talent in Manchester I just want to create what makes me stand out.

Should we be expecting any visuals from the project before the end of the year? If so which one?
There will some videos this year and next. But you’ll have to wait and see

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