How would you describe your sound?
My sound is Foreign.

Where in London are you from and can you describe what the area is like?
I’m from North London, Tottenham. The Endz.

Are we right in saying the project was delayed?
The project was not delayed but it might have felt like that. I was waiting for the right time and it felt right after Bad Man Remix dropped. Also as an independent artist I had to get round to doing everything myself as well as dealing with my personal life.

Loving the visuals to “OOH WEE” what inspired the track and visuals
Ooh Wee was inspired by my day-to-day lifestyle and I think it reflects in the visuals. Sometimes when I don’t feel like working I think about all the bills I need to pay and quickly get motivated. Also the melodies are inspired by the late great Nate Dogg who’s in my top ten artist of all time.

What other videos should we be expecting from the project?
The project is out right now and I’m going to be looking for the fans and supporters to help me with which song should be out next.

What inspired the name ‘My Ting Foreign’
My personal life experiences and all the collective of music I listen to from Afrobeats to Hardcore rap and bashment.

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