The Public Health Directors of Greater Manchester have encouraged anyone who has travelled to Manchester from a Tier 4 area to isolate for 10 days.

This comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson created a new Tier 4 for London and surrounding areas last weekend. This was due to the discovery of a ‘new mutation‘ of Covid-19 found in the area.

Christmas staycations and family visits now involve the 10-day isolation if you have travelled out of Tier 4 to a lesser tier.

The Tier 4 announcement on Saturday meant that those from these areas would not be allowed to travel out of the Tier 4 area as it is against government guidelines.

However, scenes at London rail and tube stations shortly after the new tier announcement on Saturday were chaotic, with many members of the public fleeing the city.

Boris Johnson made the announcement shortly after 5 pm on Saturday, giving panicked Londoners only 6 hours to flee the city.

This has raised concerns with Greater Manchester Public Health Directors, who think it will only push the North back, after their steady decline in Covid cases.

Manchester City Council tweeted that Mancunians ‘can’t see anyone from a Tier 4 area.’

The situation has had mixed reviews on social media.

Some are unhappy with how those in Tier 4 have travelled North. Others argue that people should not be forced to spend Christmas alone if their family are up North and encourage travel.

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