Manchester’s own super star Aitch has just dropped his most recent project ‘Polaris’. The surprise EP dropped at midnight alongside the visuals for his single ’30’. His work rate has to be praised, during lockdown alone the 20 year old has already had a chart topping single, released a third set of visuals and a entire EP. 

The 8 track EP is a collaboration of the artists witty lyricism fused with the talents of a few renowned producers. The list of producers include his close friend and collaborator Why-jay plus two highly accomplished american producers Kenny Beats and Tay Keith. With such a variety of respected producers on the EP you know to expect the best from ‘Polaris’

The 5th track off the EP, ‘Triggered’ samples the iconic track ‘bills, bills, bills’ by destiny’s child. During an interview with Capital Xtra’s Yinka & Shayna Marie Aitch claimed that his mum was the one who told him that the track sampled Destinys child. The recognisable sample will definitely appeal to the other mums we know are listening. 

The sounds vary through the EP from the classic Aitch in ‘Moston’  to a more unique sound in ‘Like them’, this tracks production brings us the summery vibes we need as we conquer lockdown together. Aitch is a master of making music for the millions, his catchy hooks and bouncy beats are made for the radio. 

We can definitely see a development in Aitch from the last EP through to ‘Polaris’. The artists style seems to have matured as he solidifies his title as one of the UK’s best global exports. Whether you love him or hate him, you know Aitch is here for the long run and you’ve got to respect that he always page homage to his city.

‘Polaris’ is available to stream and download on all major digital media platforms.