The Sunday Times Best Seller ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’ by Florence Given is allegedly a rip off of Chidera Eggerue (AKA Slumflower’s) ‘What a Time to Be Alone’.

Eggerue accuses Given for copying the visual style of her book, the large font, bold colours and drawings in the book. In fact, if you place the books next to each other you can see the similarities immediately.

Not only does it appear that Given copied the style of the book, but the contents of her text are disturbingly similar. Chidera’s endorsement is evident on the front of Given’s book labelling her as a “powerhouse”. However, this was a response to her illustrations rather than the book. In a statement to Metro, she said she made her feelings known before the publication.

‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’ is the fourth listed item under black feminist books. Florence has profited and made capital gain off her best-selling book which would not have existed without the work of black women.

Chidera says, “Black people’s trauma is not a teachable moment for white people. I hope we can focus on the bigger problem at hand being white supremacy and the ways Black women are sent to the back even in their own liberation movement”.

When “Chidera Eggerue” is typed into Google, Florence Given’s book comes up first. A number of marketeers responded to Eggerue’s Instagram story of Given’s book coming up first.  They noted that the adverts run by Given’s team are bidding the highest amount on this key word. Therefore, it would appear that Florence Given’s marketing team are actively trying to push Eggerue’s book to the back by bidding on her own name.

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