There have been reports of a shooting in Manchester city centre on Saturday night (February 27th) which saw police cordoning off the area.

Trams into the city centre have been completely stopped with most terminating way before they reach the centre with travel disrupted for most of today.

It is known that officers were called after repots of shots being fires and a traffic collision at St Peters Square between 8 and 9pm last night.

There was an abandoned vehicle found on the tram tracks in the square and travel via tram into the city centre has been shut off with many services terminating way before the city centre.

Thankfully, the police have said nobody is believed to have been injured or hurt during the incident.

In custody are two 16-year-old-boys and a 19 year old man whom are arrested on suspicion of both dangerous driving and possession of a fire arm.

MEN reported that eye witnesses recall seeing a chase between two cars with one of the vehicles passengers shooting at the other before one vehicle crashed into a lamp post at the tram stop.

Officers have been seeing searching the area with dogs and a building site close to the area.

The cordon in the area is said to be lifted shortly which hopefully will allow city centre tram travel to continue as normal.