Jelani Blackman has made his debut appearance on STBV’s ‘Warm Up Sessions’ with a cold freestyle.

2020 was a big year for Jelani, who won over fans with his Colors performance ‘Hello’, receiving more than 1.4 million views on YouTube, and later returning with his Colors Encore ‘Tricky’.

Expanding on this success, Jelani is back with his first Warm Up Sessions appearance on SBTV, and he wasn’t holding back.

Starting off, Jelani is relaxed and the lyrics roll off effortlessly. The song introduces a heavy beat featuring his distinct electric flute-type sound, also heard in ‘Hello’. His energy soon increases, letting off his lyrical flow.

Known for his deep voice and bass-driven tracks, Jelani shows off his talent in writing and performing, giving us an effortless performance.

The freestyle laments his anger towards the current lockdown and how the government are handling the pandemic, calling Matt Hancock a “d*ckhead”. Rapping fiercely, Jelani states: “I wanna be gone, away from feeling trapped, and felt like getting some stuff off my chest // People are angry and sick of the situation and being lied to.”

As a musically diverse rapper and singer, Jelani is set to take the industry by storm with his R&B inspired rap and grime tracks.

Catch Jelani’s Warm Up Session debut above and click here for his most recent single ‘Foolish’ ft. Lavida Loca

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