Digga D premiered the visuals to his latest track Bluuwuu on Thursday night via his YouTube channel Digga D TV, just hours before the release of his mixtape Made In The Pyrex.

The visuals directed by Digga D himself and Teeeezyc show Digga D and his boys posted on the block. They take the visuals to the next level, driving a dune buggy around some of London’s famous landmarks. The light with a blue hue is shown throughout the music video, complimenting the song title and blue props.

Digga D is known for creating some dance moves to accompany his songs and Bluuwuu showed us again that the 20 year-old rapper isn’t shy with busting a move or two.

Bluuwuu reminds the audience of Digga D’s unique, catchy sound where he performs possibly one of his funniest bars yet over a Glvck produced beat “I was gassed like when I saw Nicki”. The West London native revealed this bar earlier in the year taking social media by storm with fans retweeting the video of a young Digga D meeting Nicki Minaj.

Digga D’s work rate has been nothing short of amazing after spending time away he has produced big hits like Woi which has accumulated a staggering 17million views on YouTube and Chingy with 7million views.

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