Burna Boy has released his highly anticipated new track ‘Kilometre’ accompanied by visuals.

The song is the first solo track of 2021 for Burna.

In an Instagram post, Burna Boy has hinted at the meaning behind the name of his latest track Kilometre. The caption reads ‘KILOMETRE /ˈkɪləˌmiːtə/ : A unit for measuring distance ????’..


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The Nigerian afrobeats artist has confirmed the track is inspired by his journey, saying “It’s really me talking about how far I’ve come, I’ve come a long way”.

After winning a Grammy for his Twice As Tall album, Burna Boy has also revealed that he plans to drop another album this year.

The jam packed, trippy visuals for ‘Kilometre’ show the African Giant in a variety of different scenes; on a jet, playing golf and in a hoovering car, all representing his journey and how far he has come. He sings “When was the lat time somebody did it like this?/Too much ice on my bomboclat wrist/That’s why everybody hating on me like Chris.”

‘Kilometre’ is produced by Chopstix, who’s known for his versatility and flexible style that highlights hip-hop and dancehall. This mixture can be heard in ‘Kilometre’, with the use of sirens and punchy beat that makes you want to move!

Burna Boy always seems to be in his own lane when it comes to fashion, and to no surprise he was looking drippy in the visuals. ‘Kilometre’ has a perfectly modern twist on African culture and style, infusing dancing and fashion, reflecting the afrocentrism Burna Boy oozes.

Take in the visuals and let us know @pieradiouk what you think we can be expecting next from the African Giant.