St Louis rapper Smino returns to COLORS with a new rendition of Rice & Gravy.

One thing more enthralling than Smino’s hair is his natural voice and wide vocal range and versatility, with collaborations ranging from Chance the Rapper, Saba and many members of the Dreamville collective on Revenge of the Dreamers III. An artist as interesting as Smino, combined with the COLORS twist of bringing a more free spirited, pure take on an artists work with a natural, live performance format, was bound to be a banger.

However, this is not Smino’s first time on COLORS, as he delivered an articulate take on his song ‘Maraca’ which was met with vivid applause, backed up by COLORS having arguably the most positive fan base on youtube, and maybe even in music.

On the performance of Rice & Gravy, there is still an evident growth on show in terms of Smino’s artistry. He is very expressive and daring, much like his dress sense and hairstyle. It gives a first time listener a great taster for what Smino is about, as well as leaving enough to be desired to keep the listener intrigued.

This is a great time to jump in on Smino’s music, and the track is certainly worth the listen, whether that is with the natural, enticing video on YouTube, or just as the stand alone song on streaming services,