Kentucky’s Jack Harlow delivers a new verse on Russ and Wayne’s smash hit ‘Body’.

Although many would assume Ardee saying… (I’m not even gonna say it) over this infectious beat, was the limit of this song’s success, Russ announced a US cross over and a hint that the recently released Bobby Shmurda would join them on the track.

Instead, we got Jack Harlow, who has made a name for himself over a number of years, but rocketed to prominence with the catchy single of ‘What’s Poppin’ in 2020. He also went from strength to strength with other features and singles, as well as his 2020 album ‘That’s What They All Say’

The song before Jack Harlow appears is unchanged, with that chorus probably being ingrained into the listener’s head at this point. However, hearing Jack Harlow branch out into UK drill is an interesting listen to say the least. Like many USA artists testing out the UK drill sound, such as Drake or Tory Lanez, some would argue that the authenticity is lacking, as well as their contributions being out of place.

Despite this, Jack delivers a verse that gives the song a different story, and to Jack’s credit – he references typically British subjects such as English football, as well as his adventures when visiting the UK (he also doesn’t fake an accent which is a bonus ????)

Overall, it is refreshing to hear a new voice on the song with a good performance, however to the lay listener it is more of the same on a song that has already blown. The new presence given by Jack Harlow is intriguing nonetheless.