Clapping for NHS staff is back, however it has been renamed “Clap For Heroes”.

The COVID pandemic has put immense pressure NHS and other key workers. As a result, throughout the first lockdown the public adopted the gesture of clapping each Thursday night to show their gratitude.

At 8pm, live television was paused and an alert reminding people to clap was broadcasted.

The clapping event was also known as ‘Clap for Key Workers’ and ‘Clap for Carers’.

Annemarie Plas, founder of the initiative, is reintroducing the sentiment tomorrow night. This will be under the new name ‘Clap for Heroes’.

She believes this is a more inclusive name for all the heroes who have played their part throughout the pandemic.

Annemarie Plas halted the original gesture in May 2020, when she felt it was becoming politicised and negative.

There has been a lot of speculation about the return over Twitter:

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