Michaela Coel for British Gq magazine

Michaela Coel, a British Ghanaian actress,  born and raised in Hackney is l a writer and film director known for her famous award-winning shows “Chewing Gum “and “I Might Destroy You”. Both series Coel wrote, produced, and starred in it. The series is streamed on mainstream media platforms such as Netflix and BBC (Britannica, 2024). 

 Coel embedded the reflection of black excellence by being the first black woman to win an Emmy award for outstanding writing (Britannica, 2024). Coel dropped out of University two times, then later on met a playwriter where in one of her poetry performances, which led her to get a place at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Where she won a Laurence Oliver bursary which helped her fund her schooling (GSMD, 2024 ). Coel caused such an influence due to her shows, highlighting experiences reflecting her own life. Surrounding themes: coming of age, mental health, SA, and adulthood (GSMD, 2024). She has become a representation of a young black British woman who doesn’t feed the stereotypes and leaves a linger of quirkiness.

Stormzy for the New York Times

Stormzy-born Michael Owuo Jr. born and raised in Croydon is a British Ghanaian rapper, singer and songwriter (w.2023). In 2014 Stormzy gained attention from the music underground scene due to its famous wicked Skeng man series “Shut up “initially released as a freestyle on YouTube became popular and peaked at number 8 in the UK single charts. 

Stormzy winning Best Grimme Act at the 2014 and 2015 MOBO awards has become one the most influential people with contributions towards the academic development of black students by negotiating a scholarship programme for black students at Cambridge University (w .2023). Owuo Jr. described himself as a naughty child however he always excelled in his grades. Even though he is a rapper, he still encourages young people to educate themselves (Cambridge,2023).

The scholarship ” Stormzy Effect” aims to help people and encourage the involvement of black students into having a full student experience at Cambridge as it is known to be upper-class white-dominated. The scholarship programme is worth £ 20, 000 per student, which has been highly successful as 400 UK black students have arrived to take classes at Cambridge University ( Cambridge, 2023 ). Due to its success rate, Cambridge has decided to continue with the scholarship for the next 3 years 2024 – 2026 ( Cambridge 2023).

– Mandatory by-line: Robbie Stephenson/JMP – 30/06/2022 – FOOTBALL – Bristol City High Performance Center – Bristol, England – Bristol City Women Preseason Training

Anita Asante a British Ghanaian a former football player and now coach born and raised in London is known for being the first coach for Bristol City. She won 71 caps for the English football team and was selected for the Great Britain squad for the 2012 London Olympics (2023). Asante comes from a working-class background. Previously studied politics, English and business at University, whilst also taking part in the ” Government Talented Athletes scholarship scheme ” ( wiki, 2023). 

Asante grew up being part of the England Under 17 team and England Under 19 team. Anita was part of the 1998 Arsenal team, winning the quadruple in 2006/2007 collecting the UEFA Women’s Cup, FA Women’s National Premier League, FA Women’s Cup and the FA Women’s Premiere League Cup.  

Idris Elba Essence magazine

Idris Elba, known for his charm and DJ background has Ghanaian descendants from his mother’s side and Sierra Leone roots from his dad’s side. Elba is celebrated for his roles in the: “Mandela- Long Walk to Freedom “documentary, “String Bell “HBO series, Luther (BBC series) and The Wire ( Wiki, 2023). 

Elba was born and raised in Hackney from a working-class background and started acting at a young age when he decided to audition for a play, which benefited him because it was a step into the industry as he met his first agent ( wiki, 2023).  His DJ interest started when he started helping his uncle’s DJ business, and later on creating his own DJ business with his friends.  After Idris finished college, he won a place in the National Youth Music Theatre after a 1,500 Princess Trust grant in 1990 (Brittanica, 2023). 

Nominated and selected for a Golden Globe award in 2012, as well as three Emmy award nominations and a BAFTA. Idris Elba just launched a campaign music video called “Knives Down” highlighting the consequences, and voices of those who fell victim to knife crime. The ” Don’t stop your future ” campaign aims to tackle youth violence in London immediately by banning zombie knives, and machetes along with increasing funding towards youth services. Elba contacted and voiced that there should be a formation of a coalition involving grassroots organisations, sporting bodies, young people, and technology companies to tackle knife crime (Godbold, 2023).

Shatta Wale for Hitz 360

Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr. aka Shatta Wale, born and raised in Ghana , is known for his reggae -Dancehall music.  Mensah Jr.’s most famous tracks are ” Dancehall King “, “My Level” and ” Taking Over”. Additionally, a previous collaboration with Beyonce ” Already ” for the Black is King album which also featured Major Lazer (W,2022).  The feature was extremely successful being in the UK top chart (charts, 2020). 

Charles was given an honour award for his contributions towards Reggae in Ghana in the 37th annual Chicago Music Award for International Reggae and world music award. 

Shatta Wale born and raised in Accra, Ghana was nominated by E.TV as ” top 100 most influential Ghanaian artist “(2022). His father was a politician and businessman, however, Mensah demonstrated an interest in music and arts from a young age leading him to perform at the National Theatre of Ghana and start his music career. His stage name was Doggy (2022). 

Mensah Jr was the first Ghanaian artist to organise a digital concert on YouTube which was named the faith concert. The digital concert was executed to give hope to Ghanaians during COVID-19. He was selected as one of the main artists to perform at the COVID-19 app virtual launch concert (2022).