Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and whether you’re single or in a relationship, these Manchester artists can help set the mood. I caught up with each of these artists and I asked them what this song means to them and what love in this generation means. 

1. Soul Searching – AY01 

To kick it off we have Soul Searching by Manchester’s own AY01 which was released a few weeks ago. AY01 has been releasing music since 2016 and continues to represent the Manchester scene with his sound.  

What is Soul Searching about and what do you think about love in today’s generation? 

‘Soul Searching is basically about how in this generation a boy could like a girl or a girl could like a boy but due to the social norms, they don’t progress onto their true feelings. People saying stuff like she’s ugly or he’s broke even when they actually have a connection and like each other. It’s also about how in this generation relationships are over complicated because we are seeing what celebrities are doing and we let that set a standard. For example, a girl could be in love with a guy and he’s not got nice things or like a merc but her friend is with a guy that has all these things. This might make her not want to be in a relationship with him even though she loves talking to him. Then she could end up with a guy who she doesn’t like talking to as much but he has all these things. Soul searching is really about a guy telling a girl reach for your inner feelings and act how you really feel regardless of what people think’ 

Stream Soul Searching here:

soul searching ay01

Look out for his new EP out Feb 14th

2. Copyright – Ace Cxbain  

Manchester artist Ace Cxbain has continued to show us his versatility ever since he came onto the scene in 2018. Since the start of his journey, Ace Cxbain has opened for Fetty Wap at Liverpool Olympia and recently dropped ‘Blackbox’. His latest single ‘Copyright’ is a love song that can be played for a special someone this valentine’s day. 

What is Copyright about? 

‘Copyright is about rekindled love with a small side of ‘I told you so!’  

What do you think about love in today’s generation? 

‘Love still exists as pure as it always was. It just has more things fighting against it now like technology and societal ideals. Love ain’t man made so I don’t think it can be be defeated by things man made’ 

Stream Copyright here:

copyright ace cxbain

3. Love or Lust – Solo B 

Multi-genre artist Solo B shows off his talent constantly on the Manchester scene. His unique blend of Afrobeats and R&B in his music is shown in songs like ‘Girl Like You’ which has over 200,000 streams on Spotify. His latest single ‘Love or Lust’ is a great song for valentine’s day. 

What is Love or Lust about? 

‘The song is about a complicated love story, it’s about a guy who loves a girl but he is unsure as to whether she loves him back, he’s willing to compromise for her love but he needs to be sure that her heart doesn’t belong elsewhere. ‘ 

What do you think about love in today’s generation? 

‘I think the meaning of love has been lost in this generation, we are more scared to love because we are afraid of being hurt. We also look to much at social media to define love for us, which creates an unrealistic perception.’ 

Stream Love or Lust here:

love or lust solo b

4. All In – Arex 

Manchester artist Arex released ‘All In’ in July last year. The song explains love and wanting to be loved efforlessly.  

What is All In About? 

‘I’d say the songs about a guy telling a girl that he’s always got her and that he’s ‘all in. He wants to know what she needs in a man and promises he’ll do his best to be that man.’ 

What do you think about love in today’s generation? 

‘I think love in this generation is the same as it’s always been to be honest there are just new factors that make it both easier and harder to be in love.’ 

Stream All In here:

all in arex

We are excited to hear whats next for these upcoming Manchester artists. Will you be streaming their tracks this Valentine’s Day…