Join Ayanda as she breaks down the beat with up-and-coming producers. This week, she’s speaking to MobzBeatz.

Mobz is a London-based producer who has worked with big names such as Pop Smoke. He co-produced his track ’44 Bulldog’ which ended up going 2x Platinum and becoming a Billboard Number 1 hit. Other artists Mobz has worked with include Headie One and Russ 


What’s your name? Where are you based and what do you do? 

My name is Mobz Beatz and I’m a producer. I’m 20 and have been a producer for around five years now. I started when I was 16 and have produced for a few big people such as Pop Smoke, Headie One, Russ, Central Cee and more. 


What made you want to get into producing? 

I would say during my upbringing I was heavily influenced by music. I had a big passion for it and my dad put me onto it. When I was around 6, he gave me a music programme to make beats on, so ever since then I just had an interest in music. I went to a music college in Walthamstow called BCE, Big Creative Education, and I did a music course. I did that for two years and ever since then I’ve just been interested in music. I met some big names there and they just inspired me to make beats. I’d just say it’s something I always had a passion for. 


Where do you get inspiration from? 

When I first started, I was heavily influenced by DJ Mustard and Metro Boomin’ , but mainly DJ Mustard. I was initially making more house beats like the type DJ Mustard puts out and I’d upload them online, but then I transformed into drill. 


Which other producers do you think are killing it at the moment? 

In the UK, the people that I think are killing it are @ChrisRichbeats, @Ghostyuk, @yozbeatz@808melo etc. I don’t really take inspiration from them as I see them all as my peers – I know them – so I go for inspiration elsewhere, but they definitely help with motivation.  


What would you say is your favourite song you’ve produced? 

My favourite song I’ve produced that is out right now I’d say is ‘Youngest in Charge’ by SJ


Who is your favourite artist you’ve worked with? 

I’d say Central Cee. The song is unreleased at the moment but he’s my favourite that I’ve worked with. 


Are they any projects you’re working on at the moment that you can talk about? 

The ones I can reveal are that I’m working with Central Cee and I’ve got something with Unknown T coming. That’s all I can really say at the moment.


Who’s an artist you’d love to work with in the future? 

Pooh ShiestyDigga D and Fivio Foreign


What’s the hardest thing about producing? 

The hardest thing I’d say is probably trying to build your name because it does take time. It’s a tedious process trying to build your name until you’re known, like it took me 2/3 years before it happened for me. It’s a crazy process but once you’re known you’re good because people start recognising you and your work. As a result, you get more placements and more collaborations with bigger artists. 


Lastly, what advice would you give to new upcoming producers? 

I would say as soon as you start producing, make a YouTube channel and post your beats on there. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get views, your videos will get seen eventually. Keep grinding, make beats every day, and stay consistent, don’t lack. Another thing I’d say is collabs – collabs help a lot in terms of getting placements. Just perfect and work on your craft.

We are excited to see what projects Mobz features on in the future.