Day 3 and we already have a chick whipped over a scaffolder. An angry Scots woman, Black Twitter and animal rights activists going into meltdown the latter even making a petition to ITV to get a contestant out the Villa.

That contestant is none other than Ollie. The 23 year old “yuppie” from Cornwall has called time on his place in the villa. He did not have the best time on the show. His truths about his cheating in his past, his interests as a game hunter and his argument with fellow contestant Paige; all fell into a downwards spiral but why did he leave ? The truth may shock you.

Ollie says he still loves his girlfriend

Ollie was pining after ex girlfriend Laura Nofer, 23, who he dated for 18 months before splitting last year.

A source said: “The show made Ollie realise he wasn’t ready to be in another serious relationship and he still has really strong feelings for Laura.

Well this is shocking news almost as shocking as this pic of Jess and Eve before the world knew they loved Barbie a bit too much

Eve and Jess from Winter Love Island 2020

Shocker!! More love island stuff coming soon.