Nearing the end of the first week and already it’s been a roller coaster, an over possessive woman, a disgraced hunter who realised he “loved his ex and left” a history making black couple, a friendzone where no-one knows how to pronounce the girls name. Twins, Lewis Capaldi’s ex and phenomenally shiny smiles.

Winter love island 2020 cast

Last night we saw the girls of the villa over the moon, jumping for joy, shouting to the roof tops and doing almost doing cartwheels; with the lads of the villa on edge and with good reason.

Connagh (left) Finley (right) Winter Love Island 2020

One of the new Islanders is Connagh Howard from Cardiff who will be joining the show on Thursday’s episode.

The 27-year-old is a model from Wales who is looking to find a fortune…. I mean love in South Africa.

Connagh winter love island 2020

Heading into the show, Connagh has revealed to how he has his eye on Shaughna , Sophie and Siânnise

Finley winter love island 2020

Finley is a recruitment consultant and footballer for Oxford city, hoping to score with one of the girls at the villa, go all the way to final.

Finley, who rates himself a 9/10, says it’s “not all about looks” when he’s looking for a partner.

“I want a girl who is fun and outgoing and someone who can make me laugh,” he said. “I don’t have a type looks-wise but obviously you want that initial attraction.”

He adds his celebrity crush is Maya Jama. And also has his eye on Siannise, Sophie and Paige

More Love Island Stories soon land guys !!