More shenanigans from the beefcakes and dolls of the villa as the two new contestants Connagh and Finley make themselves at home

Model Connagh and part time footballer Finley got themselves aquatinted with the girls of villa, leaving the boys especially the now “little Connor” on edge as the two new lads had to steal someone’s girl!

Connagh and Finley from winter love island 2020

To summarise the last episode before the dreaded day off on Saturday. The islander girls went wild strutting their stuff in an obstacle course, some moving better than others some moving stiff. Each going in one by one having gunge thrown at them smothering it all over their bodies (which some of them have paid so much for) Connagh was mesmerised by one girl and the other Connor was not gonna like this at all.

Sophie from Winter Love Island 2020

Now for the important bit ….

Not only did the two newbies have to steal someone’s girl. We were also spoilt with the first recoupling of the series and the first exit. In which we saw Nas coupled up with Jess, shaughna get back with Callum and of course Mike gets back with Leanne.

Mike and Leanne are already the current favourites to win Winter Love Island 2020

Paige who was with the two timing killing machine Ollie, Got with newbie Finley. Tensions were raised when the now “little Connor” lost his companion Sophie to none other than Connagh.

Connor now gritting his ridiculous pearly whites in disgust even commenting “on the snaky “ behaviour, and saying he felt “betrayed” was left to pick between Siannise and Eve. Leaving the twin to pack her bags.

Eve with her twin Jess was the first to be booted off Winter Love Island after first recoupling

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