We’re two days in, the villa still fresh, not a feeling has been caught, no arguments, no squabbles. Already we have some controversy and it’s from the already problematic Ollie.

The “two timing” (well eight or nine timing ) land owner and soon to be lord Ollie has come under fire from viewers because of a little hobby of his.

Ollie (right) is a game hunter

Ollie from Winter Love Island out hunting

Turns out that Ollie Williams is a game hunter revealed by the “Sun online” with pictures of Ollie standing next to wild animals he killed himself.

ITV has been hit with 35,000 signature strong petition to get Ollie removed from Love Island

Twitter reacts to ollie hunting

Twitter reacts to Ollie hunting

Wildlife presenter and climate activist Chris Packham has also spoken out against Williams’ inclusion in the popular dating show, tweeting: “Hello @ITV and @LoveIsland fans.

“The majority of people in the UK want to see an end to trophy hunting so perhaps it would be better to not provide a platform to anyone who kills wildlife for fun.

Cast of Winter Love Island 2020

The show is no stranger to controversy, and has been criticised for its after-care processes in the past after two former contestants, Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon, both were found dead after participating in the show, having taken their own lives.

More Love Island stuff to come real soon peeps