Stefani has premiered a video for her latest track…

Gwen Stefani
released her new comeback track Let Me Reintroduce Myself on December 7th 2020. The video however, was premiered on Gwen’s YouTube channel on January 1st 2021.

As a longtime fan of hers since the No Doubt days, her video provides a series of throwbacks from her past eras.

She also manages to promote safety and make fun of the Covid-19 situation through her use of hand gel and mask wearing. She even made a TikTok video about it.

The 51 year old defies age, as she goes through her wardrobe from her L.A.M.B. days, her Sweet Escape days, even back to her collab with Eve from Let Me Blow Ya Mind. She is still amazing looking and super cool. She even has the BANANAS belt back on.

Her last solo album was a Christmas album released in 2017, and her last No Doubt album was released in 2012. 


gwen stefani new track let me reintroduce myself

Gwen has been laying low for the past few years…


This new track, ‘Let Me (Re)introduce Myself’, is not only going to come as a nice surprise for longtime fans of hers like me, but her quirky persona will hopefully attract a younger fan base. 

I don’t care if it’s too soon to say this but, if Gwen Stefani releases a new solo album, 2021 might just be a good year for music.

What’s your favourite Gwen Stefani era? Let us know what you think of the track @pieradiouk